Commit Logs

BLENDER - BRANCH : master Compiled :

Campbell Barton bcd0d85 Math Lib: avoid temp array for rotate_m4
Campbell Barton e1e49fd Math Lib: rotate matrix cleanup
Campbell Barton d30a023 Fix Torus default UV’s offset outside 0-1 bounds
Campbell Barton 4f4e0ec Remove eekadoodle workaround for add torus
Sergey Sharybin 729affe Cycles: Avoid divisions by zero in volume sampling code
Martijn Berger 4d3d2d0 Remove unused vector icons from RNA
Campbell Barton 403f00e Fix prefs UI when built w/o Cycles
Sergey Sharybin def365e Fix T50100: Cycles SeparateRGBNode Red socket defined wrong
Sergey Sharybin f2b57c3 Depsgraph: Fix matrix_world driver source
Sergey Sharybin a537e7b Cycles: Fix strict compilation warnings
Brecht Van Lommel 411836d Fix Cycles device backwards compatibility error if device type is unavailable.
Brecht Van Lommel 57141ea Fix spelling in Cycles distance culling description.
Luca Rood 99c5c8b Fix T49718: Wrong “Make Duplicates Real” behavior with “Keep Hierarchy”
Sergey Sharybin 9aa8d1b Cycles: Fix strict compilation warnings
Bastien Montagne 67b1979 Install_deps: fix warning message not showing up in case build fails.
Sergey Sharybin 751573c Fix T50034: Blender changes processor affinity unauthorized
Sergey Sharybin cb694d6 GLog: Workaround compilation error on Hurd
Sergey Sharybin 4818b3c Cycles: Fix re-definition of some functions on x32 arch
Bastien Montagne 1be717d Fix (unreported) crash when drawing armatures’ poses in some cases.
Sergey Sharybin edc10f5 Cycles: Another attempt to fix compilation on 32bit Linux